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Stone Options

Stone tiles offer up an interesting texture and design to your new flooring, shower, or backsplash remodeling ideas. We offer many different sizes in these natural stone whether you are wanting to use larger sizes for different flooring options or smaller subway sized tiles designs that work well as a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom. Since these stones are formed naturally in the earth they offer a very unique and individualized style to your home or office because no two are the same.

Stone flooring in an outdoor space

Benefits of Choosing Stone Tiles for Your Home or Office

Using natural stone in your home or office will automatically add value when it comes to reselling or appraising. Natural stone tiles also help when trying to match your new décor given their neutral colors. The following options are available in our showroom:

  • Shellstone
  • Travertine
  • Dolomite

Natural stone tiles are very durable. Most are scratch and abrasion resistant and can handle any weathering, making them a great option for outdoor spaces and bathrooms.  Call us today to get your appointment set up and get a free consultation.

Maintaining Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles are fairly resistant given their abrasiveness so cleaning them is a breeze. Dust mopping regularly is the main thing you can do to help keep them clean. It helps to clean them with warm water and a mild soap periodically as well. Stay away from acidic cleaning solutions and scour powders as these items can damage them. If you ever need assistance or have questions after the install, please contact us for questions or suggestions.

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