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Wood flooring is a timeless choice for the floors in your home or office. It can even assist with controlling the brightness/darkness in the room based on the actual wood selection. We offer a vast array of wood flooring options to match any design within your project.

GC Flooring is an authorized Legno Bastone dealer.

Legno Bastone La Famiglia Collection Arturo wood plank

Wood Floor Collections from Legno Bastone®

Legno Bastone® offers many different sizes and finishes, ranging from 5.51″ wide planks to 11.81”″ wide. Custom finishes are also available. Every board is hand-crafted and custom designed, creating a luxurious environment for any space.

Some of their collections we host in our showroom include:

Wood Flooring, Legno Bastone

100% Natural Wood Product

These options are 100% natural and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or formaldehyde in the construction of their wood slats. They offer many different finishes guaranteed to match your new style for your home or office. Book an appointment today to receive your free consultation and estimate.

Caring for Your Wood Floors

GC Flooring is here to help you take care of your new wood floors. When it comes to cleaning wood floors keeping it simple is the best way to tackle them. Sweeping and vacuuming will be the easiest way to collect dirt from the surface. You need to be careful when it comes to a deep clean because many chemicals can hurt the finish and wet-mopping the floor can add too much moisture, crack and lead to discoloration. If you have questions after purchasing, we are happy to assist to maintain the beauty of your wood floor.

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